Top 3 Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

Recently I did something I never do — at the recommendation of one of my clients, I binge watched all of season one of Ted Lasso. By now, many of us know the premise of the show is that a new coach is brought to London to oversee a football team with absolutely no experience in the sport. What was surprisingly thought provoking were the many lessons in leadership throughout season one. How great leaders can bring a team together — even in the stickiest of situations. Ted Lasso is leadership personified. He has a myriad of qualities that I believe are essential for leaders today. I narrowed down three traits that stand out to me.


Ted Lasso has a “believe” mindset. His optimism is infectious, swaying the hardheaded with his antics and enthusiasm. Even when the odds look to be stacked against the team, he encourages his players to stay mindful of their abilities, give it their best shot, and beat the odds. Solid communicators believe in what they say – it’s apparent in their choice of words, in the way their message is delivered and the confidence with which they speak.

Are you intentional with your words when you speak to others- your colleagues, your employees? Do you know how your words are perceived? Does your tone, volume and body language encourage others to believe in you? 

Embrace Change

Ted Lasso is always willing to roll with the punches. Moving from the comforts of his small hometown to a city abroad, massive change is a premise of the show. He approaches these changes with grace and humility, seeing them as new opportunities no matter the ways in which these “opportunities” present themselves. He guides mindset changes, speaking to his team with ease and clarity in how to navigate coming challenges.

Change is constant today and there will always be situations to solve for – are you adaptable when day-to-day obstacles occur? Do you embrace change and alter the course as needed?


Ted Lasso exemplifies the meaning of equality over hierarchy. He listens to others when they speak, never takes things personally and maintains a positive attitude throughout the conversation. He tries to understand where people are coming from and why they feel the way they do. As a result, those he speaks to feel heard and respected.

Empathy is your momentum in today’s ever- changing workplace. Do you have the proper skills to inspire all generations? Are you open to changes, and do you lead with empathy?

Lead the Ted Lasso Way

The business world is changing and changing fast. The disruptions that are taking place are shaking up traditional models/techniques/processes and to be successful in today’s workplace you must be open to change, be an active listener and encourage others to believe in what you say.

As season two is underway I continue to marvel at how the story resonates around leadership. What example are you setting as a leader for yourself and for your team? Do you have any thoughts about what’s inspired you about the show? Please feel free to share!