Asking the right questions will help you find the best answers.

C-Suite conversations

Work and live with purpose.


Moving forward with purpose begins by taking a step back to reflect on where you are, what got you here, and where you want to go. We combine assessment tools and powerful leader-to-leader conversations to help you define your unique vision of optimal professional and personal performance.


Seeing greater success often starts by narrowing your focus. Rather than an exhaustive, and exhausting, to-do list, we will collaborate with you to design an achievable plan that propels you and your company forward based on your goals.


Regular meetings are the cornerstone to your progress. It's your time to focus on what matters most, set milestones, reflect on where you're seeing traction and determine any necessary course corrections. It's accountability that creates velocity.

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“When considering an executive coach, a couple of things come to mind. First is their subject matter expertise and the appropriate skills to train and guide. When you couple that with an entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, a high level of EQ, and an uncanny ability to listen and hear the message beyond the words…you’ve found magic. I can’t imagine a better coach than Susan Quinn.”
Mark H., CEO of a $1 Billion Mid-Atlantic Company
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“I could fill a book of accolades when it comes to the value that Susan Quinn brings as a coach. And I can also summarize it in a few words. She has a unique way — very professional and insightful — to get you to dive deep in your thoughts and retrieve information that has purpose to achieving your goals.”
John W., Chief Development Officer for a National Company
"Tenderly persistent, Susan guides you to push past the barrier of ‘excuse’ to uncover the root of why we do the things we do. With her vision, timely insight and inspiring wisdom, she conveys that growth is the process of journey and maintains the patience needed to encourage defining moments of self-discovery."
Rebecca I., Business Development Professional of a $1 Billion Mid-Atlantic Company
"Susan has been instrumental in my growth. I always leave my coaching sessions with a clearer vision of my goals and the approach I want to take. She helped me abandon the self-doubt that was holding me back and find the confidence to venture into those uncomfortable spaces — where the real growth happens. Everyone needs a strong advocate for their success, and you will undoubtedly find that in Susan."
Megan H., Analyst for a Consulting Firm
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“Susan is a trusted adviser providing valuable insights in mapping a vision and strategic direction for companies wanting to grow and build their business. Her experience and perspective can help leaders develop into high performing individuals in various ways including speaking and presentation skills. By listening and understanding your unique voice, she will help you take your game to the next level.”
James L., CEO of a Fortune 500 Company